MAILBAG: What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?


I spent a month in the medical unit at George W. Hill. I did not see the sun the entire time. We were only allowed out of our cells for showers and phone calls. We were supposed to be allowed to go to the gym once a week, whichkenkeith2.jpg happened once the whole time I was there.

While in custody I became suicidal and the psychiatrist at the prison said that “I could cost the prison 1 million dollars if I was successful”.

There was a gentleman who screamed 12 hours a day. The guards would let him lay in his own piss and shit for hours on end. They would take the same gentlemen into the showers and beat him almost nightly. My cell mate was denied life sustaining medication, he was on dialysis. The amount of my medication would vary depending if the drug addict nurse was working or not.

What ever Kenny did or did not do, he deserved his day in court and not to be murdered by neglect. George W. Hill should be shut down.


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