MEOW MIX: Mendte, Mendte, Mendte!

meow_mix_logo_1.jpgMy sainted mother, who is an enthusiastic conspiracy theorist, is actually pissed off at Alycia Lane for “having the FBI investigate her email,” thus persecuting poor Larry Mendte for (allegedly) checking her email “hundreds of times” then blabbing her business to the tabs? Hell, if anything, this might be the one thing that will make me actually like Lane, at long last! Because if Mendte was sitting next to Lane on the anchor desk at the same time he was hacking into her email, then he’s a dirtball who deserves what he gets and she goes from bimbo to woman Who. Does. Not. Play. Still, I’m a little scared of Stensland. You don’t fuck with somebody’s husband, yo. She’s got babies!…Here in New Jersey, we’ll use anyMendte_1_1.jpg excuse to throw an election — ask the school boards or the fire commissioners or the library trustees. This year, even one primary wasn’t enough: We picked Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary on Feb. 5 (Hillary won). Tomorrow some (OK few) of us will return to the polls to decide between Frank Lautenberg and Rob Andrews for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination…Back in Manayunk, the greatest insult on the block was to tell someone “Fat Pete’s your Dad! Hoagie Nose is your Mom!” Hoagie Nose being an unfortunately homely woman who lived nearby and Fat Pete, obvs., a fat guy named Pete. For whatever reason, hearing Clay Aiken had fathered a child made me think of this little nugget of Americana…RIPĀ  Yves Saint Laurent. The designer who took Dior’s New Look in a new direction and helped invent the Jackie Kennedy style template (copied perfectly by her sister, Lee Radziwill) died Sunday. His glasses live on.

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