MEOW MIX: U Got Yer Evil In My Knieval

meow_mix_logo_1.jpgCrotch Rocketeer Robbie Knievel breaks his late father’s record, jumping his motorcycle 200 feet, over 24 delivery trucks. Ah, youth. There was a time when I wanted nothing more than to be jumped by a daredevil in a tight, white, stars-and-stripes naugahyde jumpsuit…True story: Many years ago, I spent a crazy weekend in Ventor/Margate with a friend who was dating a minor-league wiseguy type. It was an interesting couple of days to say the least, the highlights of which were dancing at the Geator’s place in a large group of women that included Rita Merlino, and a scene which unfolded inside and just outside the old South Beach club in Margate at about 4 a.m., involving me and a cluster of large dudes who were pissed off at something Kitty Caparella had written and several Sambucas later, expected me to answer for it. I told them va fa Napoli. You know how it is. Aaaaanyway the other big stop on Goumad Tour ’95 was Ventura’sknieval.jpg Greenhouse in Ventnor, which was lousy with overtanned Italian-American guys sporting what would now be called the Tony Soprano Look: hairy arms, thick gold bracelet, short-sleeved button-down silk shirt bearing an aesthetically questionable pattern. Next month, James Gandolfini will sell the shirt off Tony’s back to benefit wounded U.S. soldiers. Christies will auction several pieces of Gandolfini’s TV wardrobe, including the tan bathrobe from the first episode and the “blood-soaked” shirt from the scene where Uncle Junior shoots Tony…Also going above and beyond the call of hooters, er, duty, the Eagles Cheerleaders going to visit the troops in Iraq! What, no beefcake for the female soldiers? One in 7, people!…Too male, too white, and too old — no, no, I’m not talking about Congress, but the Washington Post’s Op-Ed page. But really, why look that far?…One good thing (one of the few good things, from the reviews we’re reading) about that “Sex and the City” movie: Chris Noth as Mr. Big = Lots of Det. Logan on cable. Rawwwrrr. (OMG he touched her ass, proving yet again that a story is sometimes all in the telling.) Also, the mayor’s box at the Wachovia Center was empty through the Flyers playoffs, but Nutter was to attend a private “Sex” screening at the Ritz Five last night. Mayor Metrosexual?

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