RAW FOOTAGE: From Russia With Love

THE NATIONAL POST: Over the years, chess champ turned politico Gary Kasparov has suffered all kinds of indignity: famously undone at his own game by IBM’s Deep Blue more than a decade ago, notoriously arrested and jailed by Russian police for his activism last year. Yesterday, however, he faced his most surreal attack yet. While making a public plea for unity against nemesis Vladimir Putin, a mysterious dangling object from the ceiling distracted the room: an airborne penis with a helicopter attached to its testicles. Undaunted, a bodyguard advanced on the unwelcome member with his fist, neutering it with vicious abandon. “I think we have to be thankful for the opposition’s demonstration of the level of discourse we need to anticipate,” said Mr. Kasparov after the attack. “Also, apparently most of their arguments are located beneath the belt.” Someone in the audience shouts, “Finally the political power shows its face!” to which he replied, “Well, if that’s its face…” Reminiscent of a similar event on the virtual reality Web site Second Life, the prank was perpetrated by a group belonging to Young Russia, a group of pro-Kremlin operatives. MORE

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