MEOW MIX: Don’t Cry For Me West Virginia

meow_mix_logo_1.jpg“It’s not over until the lady in the pant suit says it is.” Tell it, Angela! Hillary wins big in West Virginia Democrats, while Obama’s peacenik, self-consciously liberal loyalists press “you’re with us, or you’re a racist” case. And because that whole separate-and-unequal superdelegate thing has been such a smashing success, George McGovern has a plan! If it’s going to be about more than race, then stop making it about exposing the racist heart of America and start figuring out how to make that state full of people you just called bigots vote for your guy in November [Sheesh, talk about a sore winner. — The Ed.]. . . DEVELOPING . . . Texas Teenpromdress.jpg Arrested For Prom Dress! Oh, if only, honey. If only. Marche Taylor’s date was wearing enough fabric to dress my dining room windows, and she’s wearing an ACE bandage and a lasagne noodle — don’t make me have to do the whole free speech thing over a 17-year-old girl whose “custom-made dress” is straight out of the “Dancing With The Stars” collection. How about instead of arresting her, you call her parents and and make them bring her a sweater? Miley who?. . . DEVELOPING . . . What the hell is that on her head? Looks like a funeral parlor threw up… DEVELOPING . . . Irony of ironies: WaPo sports blogger notes hearing Tony Kornheiser’s announcement — on his radio show — that taking the WaPo buyout offer “feels wrong,” since all he ever wanted to be was a “newspaper guy.” Let’s review: Nobody begrudges a guy being successful, but people do tend to begrudge sky-high newsroom salaries to guys for whom the column is one of a clutch of part-time gigs.

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