MANSCAPE: Papa Cries, Sinatra Licks, O’Reilly Cusses

Philly sports fans know plenty about anguished tears, but on last night’s 6 p.m. Action News broadcast, Gary Papa shed tough guy tears while reading a report about Eagles coach Andy Reid visiting sick kids at CHoP. So verklemptSinatraStamp.jpg was ol’ Gary — a cancer survivor and father of two — that he actually couldn’t go on and had to throw it back to Jim Gardner, who made it all better with a joke about how Papa’s breakdown would surely be on YouTube within minutes. Sure enough, DMac comes through with the clip….

The Francis Albert Sinatra commemorative 42-cent stamp goes on sale today, in time for the 10th anniversary of The Chairman’s death. Right now, the stamps are only available in Hoboken (Frank’s hometown), NYC and Vegas (baby), but you can order them at as well. Too bad they’ll probably be obsolete in a month or two when they raise the postal rates again. What, Mr. Sinatra doesn’t rate a Forever Stamp?….

Courtesy of yesterday’s HuffPo, a vintage clip of Bill O’Reilly — sporting what looks to be a dead wombat on his head but upon closer inspection is actually his real hair — from the days when he was building his journalistic credentials on “Inside Edition.” Apparently not understanding what it means to have a musician “play you out,” Bill starts waving the F-bomb like it was a miniature version of Old Glory. God bless America! — Amy Z. Quinn

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