MANSCAPE: Digital Bro Hang & Geator’s Heater


Gadabout, the Details mag blog for the modern man-about-town, says Facebook is for pansies in general, but if you’re “pokin'” you’re dead to them:

In a few short years, Facebook has leaked out of the college dormitory like some rare tropicalManscape.jpg disease and has begun infecting grown men in disturbingly vast numbers. The fastest-growing demographic among Facebook’s 64 million users is those over 25. More than half of MySpace’s 110 million users are older than 35. The hosts, once infected, exhibit a tendency to “superpoke” each other, hyperventilate over friend counts, and share their thoughts about the latest episode of The Hills with hundreds of near strangers — behavior normally associated with teenage girls, not men in the middle of their fourth decade. Somewhere tonight, a man with a successful white-collar career and a family who needs his attention will log on to his MacBook to see who “trout-slapped” him and left him a “zombie hug” — hypnotized by the soft glow of the LCD screen into thinking his online popularity has some kind of bearing on his life.

Blavat.jpgMy problem isn’t with adults on Facebook, though I am beginning to feel like anyone over age 35 needs to get off MySpace already. I know many completely rational grown men who are on Facebook who eschew all the poking and stick to more manly pursuits like Scrabulous and, uh, the vampire thing. Keep ahold of yourselves, gentlemen. [hat tip, Baud]

One guy you’re unlikely to find on Facebook is Jerry Blavat, The Geator With The Heator/Boss With The Hot Sauce — it’s all about personal connection with this guy. Jason Fagone does a deep hang with the 67-year-old ‘Yon Teenager and comes up with a classic piece for PhillyMag. Capsule version: Do not piss off Frankie Avalon, kid.

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