MEDIA CHALLENGE: The Exorcism of John McCain


“All hurricanes are acts of God, because God controls the heavens. I believe that New Orleans had a level of sin that was offensive to God, and they were recipients of the judgment of God for that. The newspaper carried the story in our local area, that was not carried nationally, that there was to be a homosexual parade there on the Monday that the Katrina came. And the promise of that parade was that it would was going to reach a level of sexuality never demonstrated before in any of the other gay pride parades. So I believe thatjohn-hagee.jpg the judgment of God is a very real thing. I know there are people who demur from that, but I believe that the Bible teaches that when you violate the law of God, that God brings punishment sometimes before the Day of Judgment, and I believe that the Hurricane Katrina was, in fact, the judgment of God against the city of New Orleans.” — Rev. John Hagee, Fresh Air, Sept. 18, 2006

“What happened in New Orleans looked like the curse of God. In time, if New Orleans recovers and becomes the pristine city it can become, it may in time be called a blessing. But at this time it’s called a curse… It was a city that was planning a sinful conduct.” Rev. John Hagee, April 22, 2008

mccain_devil2_72.jpgTHE SWAMP:, that organization supporting the campaign of Democrat Barack Obama, plans a protest today outside the New Orleans “town hall” campaign appearance of Republican John McCain over McCain’s own support from the Rev. John Hagee. MoveOn contends that it will protest outside the University Center at Xavier University for McCain’s 11 am appearance there, “Due to Sen. John McCain’s courting of Rev.John Hagee’s political support, and Hagee’s outrageous and offensive comments about the people of New Orleans.” “To this day, Rev. Hagee continues to blame the sins of the people of New Orleans for the catastrophe of Katrina, and yet Sen. McCain actively sought his endorsement and has refused to condemn his comments,” MoveOn argues. “On Sunday he maintained he was “glad to have” Hagee’s endorsement.” MORE

MEDIA MATTERS: New Orleans visit offers media another chance to confront McCain with Hagee’s just-repeated Katrina comments — will they take it?

SALON: Rev. Hagee, is at once both an extraordinary figure and a common one. He is an evangelical minister who, as an amazing interview he gave late last year to NPR’s Terry Gross reflects, believes that “Rapture” — whereby allrapture.jpg Christians literally disappear from earth upon the return of Christ, leaving all non-believers to suffer on Earth — is “imminent.” Rev. Hagee believes that before Christ returns, the Bible contains prophecies a series of Middle East wars against Muslims. And he also believes that God has placed an absolute bar on the giving away of any Israeli land whatsoever, and thus categorically condemns plans such as the “road map” and the Gaza withdrawal as blasphemies against God.

NEW YORK TIMES: A small minority of evangelical Christians have entered the Middle East political arena with some of the most un-Christian statements I have ever heard. . . . [Rev.] Hagee, a armageddon.jpgpopular televangelist who leads the 18,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, ratcheted up his rhetoric this year with the publication of his book, “Jerusalem Countdown,” in which he argues that a confrontation with Iran is a necessary precondition for Armageddon (which will mean the death of most Jews, in his eyes) and the Second Coming of Christ. In the best-selling book, Hagee insists that the United States must join Israel in a preemptive military strike against Iran to fulfill God’s plan for both Israel and the West. MORE

EDITOR & PUBLISHER: In an interview that will appear in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, controversial televangelist Rev. John Hagee declares, “It’s true that [John] McCain’s campaign sought my endorsement.” McCain has attempted to distance himself from some of Hagee’s views, much as Barack Obama is doing in relation to Rev. Jeremiah Wright. But unlike McCain, Obama has not stood on stage with Wright and accepted his accolades this year. MORE

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