LIVE AND DIRECT: From The Finish Line

MAD, HOT BALLROOM: Hillary Clinton Party, Grand Ballroom of the Bellevue, moments ago. [Photos by AMY Z. QUINN]


BITTER PILL: Obama Victory Party, The Waterworks Lounge By The Schuylkill, 9:15 [Photo by TIFFANY YOON]

JimmyOlsen01_.pngBY NICK POWELL Is that all there is to a fire? I was still in line at the buffet when when Keith Olbermann broke the news that Senator Clinton had taken Pennsylvania. I couldn’t really hear what he was saying but the chorus of boos and wails of despair said it all. The night began with an air of excitement as a hundred or so supporters, staff, and media partied with a large “Obama: Change We Can Believe In” banner serving as the backdrop. Several Obama staffers discussed the stress of this Election Day, with one describing his annoyance at having a news camera shoved in his face while working at his desk. Another expressed her bewilderment at seeing an Obama ad on the tube for the first time since she “hasn’t watched TV in months.” Congressman Chaka Fattah represented the celebrity contingent at the party, speaking mostly with the media, and discussing the encouraging turnout of today’s election, especially as far as the youth vote is concerned. Even those deeply disappointed at the projected outcome remained steadfast in their belief that Obama would still come away as the nominee.

SHOCKER: With Fumo’s Muscle, Farnese Knocks Out Johnny Doc

Larry_Farnesse.jpgPHILLY.COM: Larry Farnese, a Center City lawyer who grew up in the suburbs, achieved a stunning victory yesterday, defeating South Philly born and bred power broker John J. Dougherty to become the Democratic candidate for State. Sen Vincent Fumo’s seat. Anne Dicker, 35, a grassroots progressive, followed far behind. With Fumo holding up his arm boxing champion style, Farnese stood in the open outdoor cafe window of the Paradiso Restaurant in South Philadelphia to claim victory last night. “It’s now official. I endorse Larry Farnese,” Fumo said, sparking laughter. “Tonight, this city took five steps forward,” Farnese said. “Tonight we made another statement that Harrisburg will be reformed … and tonight we fought back corruption and old school politics in the city of Philadelphia.” […] At Farnese’s election night headquarters, a cheer went up about 9:20 p.m., when returns that had showed Dougherty in the lead, turned in their candidates fever. About the same time, the crowd at Dougherty’s opulent bash at Galdo’s 20th at Street and Moyamensing Avenue became subdued as tension drifted through the huge ballroom. It never got better and even news that the Flyers had won their playoff series against Washington was not sufficient to lift spirits. Dougherty, who far outspent his opponents, had clearly anticipated winning. Open bars, tables filled with food fit for an Irish and Italian wedding and hospitality tents outside attested to his campaign’s wealth. Holographic images of Dougherty were even projected on the buildings exterior as crowds filled the street and traffic slowed to a crawl. MORE


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