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MAHOGANY RUSH: Mahogany, Johnny Brendas, Last Night

TiffanyYoonBYLINE.jpgBY TIFFANY YOON Phawker got a bit held up watching the Democratic debate at some dingy dive bar, and missed Andrew Gilligan’s shoegazin’ trio :ravens:and:vultures. Phawker watched Gilligan and the sisters of :ravens:and:vultures: before at Pi Lam, and was sad to miss the band perform at one of our favorite venues. The second band Phawker missed because of the mother&%$& debate missed was Arc in Round, with members of Philadelphia’s own Relay, a great experimental indie band that’s been raved by CMJ and Spin. Phawker curses the 26th Democratic debate and wishes it could have had the opportunity to see an awesome Philly band’s new side project. Phawker DID have the opportunity to catch Mahogany, a Philadelphia/Brooklyn based band that switches from rock to pop to shoegaze in the blink of an ear. Phawker is putting money on it that this band is going to become the next hot shit scenester cause celebre that your ears can’t seem to get enough of. Check out “1 plus 1 equals 3 or more.” It’s the sound that made you fall in love with post-punk in the first place. Public Record, the newest band on the HighTwo roster, headlined the show last night to celebrate the release of their debut album. Jazz-influenced and experimental, with sweet hypnotic hints of shoegaze, and a surprisingly high danceability quotient. One guy in the crowd twirled around in a daze as if he were at a Phish show and had either too much to drink or not enough to smoke. Also in attendance was Jayson Musson from Philly’s own Plastic Little and Rodney from the popular NJ shoegaze band Surefire Broadcast. Rodney told us he had come to watch Mahogany, and Phawker can only guess that they were the main draw for the night.

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