Dear Phawker Readers,

There’s a war going on in South Philly this Tuesday – it’s Election Day, and the residents of the First District have todicker2.jpg find a replacement for Vince Fumo. Hopefully, someone who won’t think stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars is totally kosher. Let’s fight the machine..and have fun!

My name is Anne Dicker. I’m a tough broad (but nice, really, I am nice) progressive 34-year-old who lives in Queen Village with my husband. I am the only independent, honest, FBI-free candidate in the race, but I need your help. [EDITOR’S NOTE: As per the request of the Farnese campaign, let us clarify that Larry Farnese is not now, nor was he ever, the target or the subject of any Federal investigation. Wish we could say the same for John Dougherty and Vince Fumo.] I am currently in second place in the polls, and I need an army of volunteers on election day to win. It ain’t gonna be easy – my opponents will try to steal votes, pop tires, whatever they can do to win.

But sometimes politics is a fight. And I need fighters. Come be a part of our team. Help us out in the next 5 days before the election. I promise, it’ll be an experience you won’t forget. And if it’s your first time helping on a campaign, no worries, we’ll train you. Help me Obi Wan(s), you are my only hope.

your pal,

Anne Dicker

Call 215-625-2717 or email anne.dicker@gmail.com.
If you can’t volunteer, you can still donate at their website. WWW.ANNEDICKER.COM

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