HEAR YE: Joy Division The Best Of


Now playing on Phawker Radio! Why? Because love you, ya big dummy!

“Because ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart,’ a weirdly tranquilized effervescence, the pain of love, filtered, forced, dreamed through a deep love of melody, the pop song as a kind of salvation, and all this actually happened, in real life, and then in a recording studio… Because of ‘Atmosphere,’the stunning durability, the lonely sensation of monstrous fatigue, the way the pattern of a dream fades when you wake, but the aura, ambience, timbre and tonality remain, the singer’s uncanny gaze following the awesome trajectory of his voice… Because of ‘She’s Lost Control,’ the bass beginning, the shock, the grace, the deformity, the background clatter, the fretful riff, the aerosol spray, the personal crisis, the mind in turmoil, a true story, for a time.” Paul Morely Piece By Piece: Writings About Joy Division 1977-2007

JOY DIVISION: New Dawn Fades

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