COPS: Fraternal Order Of Popo Endorses Johnny Doc

INQUIRER: One of Philadelphia’s most influential unions will throw it’s political might today behind a powerful union boss in his first bid for public office. The president of The Fraternal Order of Police said Lodge 5 board members unanimously voted last night to endorse John Dougherty in his run for the First State Senatorial District. The FOP represents 14,000 active and retired Philadelphia police officers. Dougherty, 47, has led the city’s electricians’ union for 15 years. He is running for the seat left vacant by former foe Vincent Fumo, who announced his retirement from public life March 12 after suffering a heart attack. “He’s the one candidate out of the three that knows what city police need: that’s more cops on the street and tougher gun laws,” said FOP president John J. McNesby. “He’s the man to do it. He’s an activist and a natural leader.” MORE

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