PUNKED: The Great ‘Lindsay Lohan’ Sextape Farce

lohanjugs.gifGLEAM: Word of a Lindsay Lohan sex tape has been around for a while, but this recent pic (above) is apparently a preview clip of the video that hit the web in the past 24 hours. Gossip Rocks is saying this is the real deal: Apparently Callum sent the video (which was filmed on his cell phone) when the 2 where an item has been sent to some of his friends…which as you may have guessed have been trying to sell the video. Anyway so i have this friend (cant say her name.) who is friends with lindsay lohan. She’s just emailed me saying that someone has sent an email to lindsay with a screen clip from the movie, and shes freaking out because she “cant remember it being filmed”. MORE

IN TOUCH: However one insider tells Page Six that even though Lindsay is saying the woman on film is definitely not her, “nobody believes her. It lohan-sex-tape.jpgis her.”
XTUBE: See For Yourself (VERY NSFW)
BLEMISH: Never Mind
SHOWBIZSPY: As it turns out, Lindsay was not the star of the tape after all — the real star of the show is a random chick from Illinois, who decided to get frisky with her boyfriend and a video camera.
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