FREE TIBET: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

At least not in China. This footage is AMAZING. Never in my lifetime have I had cause to use the words “cathartic” and “orgy of destruction” in the same sentence. Until now.

BUSINESS WEEK: Since riots broke out in Tibet last week, authorities have imposed martial law and tried to control the flow of information into and out of the region. The government has banned journalists and tourists from entering Tibet. And officials have imposed strict controls over the Internet in an effort to spin what happened in Tibet and neighboring provinces to conform with Beijing’s version of events.That’s resulted in some typical blackouts. Not surprisingly, Google’s (GOOG) YouTube, which the government often targets, was down over the weekend in China after someone posted video clips of Tibetan monks protesting. In-house censors at blog-hosting companies have excised any comments that are not in line with those from official state-owned media such as China Central Television (CCTV) or the Xinhua News Agency. MORE

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