ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Flix & Snacks With Hillary

BY TIFFANY YOON LIVING ARTS CORRESPONDENT Last night Phawker was literally EVERYWHERE! And boy, are my arms tired. Bada-BUM! First stop, the 17th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival’s press conference turned cocktail party to brush elbows with other anxious members of the media. This year’s Philadelphia Film Festival runs from April 3-15 and is focusing on music and documentary. It will commence with Young@Heart and close with Patti Smith: Dream of Life, which is a documentary on cult rocker Patti Smith. Should be awesome. Second on the list, in an order that doesn’t seem to make any sense, the Hillary Clinton rally at Temple University. Phawker was there snapping photos with a smirk watching the crowds of men, women and children dreaming of Hillary’s presidency. Michael Nutter and his hot wife were seen close by with Ed Rendell as Hillary delivered her speech. A couple of students managed to make it past security with protest signs, and Phawker laughed as it watched devoted Hillary voters fluster over the defamation of their beloved Hillary.Finally, Phawker ended its whirlwind tour at Woody’s for Dave P’s SNACKS. Adam Sparkles played his obscure tracks while Dave P put on the hits, but the place was packed by the time the guys from MSTRKRFT came on. It was a night filled with a sweaty bodies, bouncing hips and a lot… a lot… of whiskey and cigarettes. Phawker was exhausted at the end of the night, but we do it for you Philadelphia. Why? because we love you.


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