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PATRIOT ACTOR: Paul G, “John Adams” Screening, Constitution Center, 6 PM

azq.jpgBY AMY Z. QUINN Meta moment: I’m sitting inside the small theater at the National Constitution Center, watching HBO’s preview of Episode 2 of John Adams. On the screen, the British actor Tom Wilkinson is doing a mighty fine Dr. Franklin. I look to my left and there, a few rows down, is Ralph Archbold, wearing average guy clothing but with that unmistakably Franklinesque hairdo. Also in attendance: Historian and author David McCullough, author of the book which spawned the miniseries; writer Kirk Ellis, in period garb no less; actor Paul Giamatti, who renders Adams with a barely-contained fury at politicians who posture and wheedle while blood spills on Bunker Hill; and producer Tom Hanks. In introducing the episode, Hanks recounted listening to a National Park Service guide talk about John Adams’ inauguration as president inside Independence Hall — it being the first time a nation’s power had transferred freely, without family connection or revolution or death — and how it made the hair stand up on the back of his neck. Hanks was staying in Philly at the time while working on Philadelphia. See Dan Gross. Laura Linney, who plays Abigail Adams, wasn’t there, but her presence on the screen was huge. There’s a reason this woman has been nominated for an Oscar three times, people.


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