MONICA: Johnny Doc Or Johnny Dangerously?

MONICA YANT KINNEY: Just last month, Local 98 — the powerful electricians union run with an iron hand by [State Senate candidate┬áJohnjohnydocright.jpg johnydocleft.jpg“Johnny Doc”] Dougherty — sued the city’s Board of Ethics.The union’s political action committee spent $2.4 million last year — including $140,000 on “propaganda” for failed mayoral candidate Tom Knox — but is refusing to open its books as state law requires. The electricians think such snooping violates their constitutional rights. A year earlier, Dougherty — who flirted with a mayoral run — tried to get the city’s pesky new campaign-finance law tossed by the state Supreme Court.

[…] In 2006, FBI, IRS and Department of Labor agents raided Dougherty’s home.The search was part of an investigation of Johnny Doc’s good friend Donald “Gus” Dougherty Jr., an electrical contractor of no relation.Gus Dougherty was indicted in June on 100 counts of fraud and tax evasion. He’s charged with stealing $869,000 from a union benefits plan, bribing a bank boss, and making illegal payments to his pal John by selling him a house below market value and doing $115,000 worth of electrical work gratis. MORE

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