PBS FOR THE HUNGRY: ‘Philly Food’ Debuts Tonight

phillyfoodtitle.jpgBY AMY Z. QUINN Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews, you say? Well, I’ve been suspicious of the little bites o’ peanutty goodness since back in ’05 when the company was sold to Just Born Inc. and they started tinkering with the recipes. But I can forgive, since no list of so-called Philly foods would be complete without my all-time favorite candy. For them alone, I’m planning to check out tonight’s premiere of a new WHYY original, The Philly Food Show, an Ed Cunningham production exploring all the usual local munchies and then some. Yes, cheesesteaks and hoagies and pretzels and scrapple (crisp, with ketchup please) are on the list, along with more local favorites like Fralinger’s salt water taffy, Italian sawseech from down the Market, Jersey tomatoes and Ye Olde Philly ice cream. But no water ice, which is weird, and what, no love for Herr’s? The Philly Food Show is hosted by Everymom Weatherperson Sue Serio from “Good Day Philadelphia.” No word on whether Bus Stop Buddy will come by for a snack, but if he does, hide the Tastykakes. That kid’ll eat you out of house and home. The Philly Food Show premieres at 8 p.m. tonight on Channel 12.

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