JUST IN: Philly Superdelegate Declares ‘Yes We Can’

obama_street.jpgHARRISBURG, Pa. — Barack Obama has picked up a third endorsement from Pennsylvania’s Democratic superdelegates. Former Philadelphia city councilwoman Carol Ann Campbell says she made up her mind Saturday after a telephone call from the Illinois senator’s wife, Michelle. Campbell says they talked for nearly 90 minutes , about the problems of the handicapped, children being raised by their grandparents and the importance of religion in their lives. Campbell, who’s previously said she was undecided, says she’s comfortable with what she heard and decided on the spot to support Obama over New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. With Campbell’s endorsement, Obama is backed by three of the 26 superdelegates selected so far. Clinton has been endorsed by 13 and the rest remain undecided. [via ASSOCIATED PRESS]

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