PAPERBOY EXTRA: The Audacity Of Change

BY AMY Z. QUINN OK, so you didn’t hear it here first — Dan Gross broke the news this afternoon that City Paper editor Duane Swierczynski resigned today. We heard this Friday afternoon, when the Swiercz spilled his plans for a full-time leap into noir fiction (The Blonde‘s in paperback, there’s very preliminary talk of a movie) and Marvel Comics and over noodles and tea, then promptly swore me to secrecy. Never let it be said your Paperboy doesn’t know the meaning of “off the record.” For the record.

Anyway, dude certainly seemed like a guy who’d made up his mind about things, no small challenge when you’ve got two small kids, an at-home wife, a mortgage and no more time to split between the day job you keep because you need to and the side jobs you do because you want to.

Still, he wasn’t quite sure if he was ready to pull the trigger, but I can’t say I was surprised to hear he went intoduaneswier.jpg work this morning ready to tell the staff he was leaving. I mean, I gotta tell you — getting up from the table to discover CP publisher Paul Curci sitting two tables behind us did smell like a sign from God (assuming that signs from the Almighty smell like duck noodle soup).

“I did feel like it was time,” he told me today. “And I feel good about it, and I knew at some point I’d have to choose and hopefully I’ll be able to leave on the most positive note possible.” His last day is next Friday.

Well, we’re all about positivity, and churn can be a good thing for everyone involved. Mazel tov, Swiercz, and you too, Brian Howard. It’s about time.

Over at the Inquirer, Sunday Image section editor (and newlywed!) Chris Gray is leaving for USA Today, where she’ll be the travel assignment editor. No word on who’ll be dragooned into editing “Chick Wit” once she’s gone.

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