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Missed evidence, ignored clues, political considerations—did the 9/11 Commission really issue the definitive report on the September 2001 terror attacks? In his new book, The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation, New York Times investigative journalist Philip Shenon scrutinizes those charged with analyzing the terror attacks and uncovers new information about the commission’s complicated relationship with the Bush White House. PLUS, Can there be a middle ground in the debate about the separation of church and state? John DiIulio, Jr, a Democrat who served as the director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives under George W. Bush, believes so. DiIulio’s book, Godly Republic: A Centrist Blueprint for America’s Faith-Based Future, proposes a bipartisan approach to faith-based policy-making. DiIulio is a professor of politics, religion, and civil society at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Reporter roundtable: Focus Philadelphia. We’ll catch up on what’s been making news, everything from the new crime plan released by the Police Chief Charles Ramsey to assessing how Mayor Michael Nutter has done in his first month on the job.phillyskylinefromcamden.jpg We’ll talk with MARCIA GELBART the City Hall Bureau chief for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and from TOM FERRICK the former Metro Columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3

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M. Butterfly playwright. A new production by the Philadelphia Theater Company is showing through February 24th. We’ll talk with DAVID HENRY HWANG, who won a Tony Award for M. Butterfly. His latest play Yellow face is currently running in New York City. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3

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daviddyenpr.jpgTyler Ramsey joins host David Dye on the World Café with music from his debut solo project, A Long Dream about Swimming across the Sea. The Asheville, North Carolina native has recently garnered acclaim as guitarist of Band of Horses, but his independent release showcases his impressive talents as a songwriter and skill as a multi-instrumentalist. Heavy folk influences inspire the delicate, finger-picked melodies, and ambient vocals reveal that Ramsey is one of 2008’s most soulful new artists.


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