BLACK MIRROR: Heath Ledger’s Fatal Obsession


DAILY MAIL: This haunting image of doomed actor Heath Ledger shows him apparently drowning in a bath – in a bizarre tribute to the tragic British folk singer with whom he was obsessed. The picture comes from a film Ledger made about Nick Drake, the cult singer-songwriter whose death bore disturbing similarities to his own.

Ledger made the dark, brooding film to accompany one of the last songs Drake recorded before killing himself with antidepressants in 1974, at the age of 26. Like Drake, Ledger, 28, was found dead in his bed after taking prescription antidepressants.

In stills taken from Ledger’s video for the song Black Eyed Dog – an allusion to Sir Winston Churchill’s description of depression as the “black dog” – the actor can be seen singing of his misery before apparently drowning in a bath. MORE

NICK DRAKE: A Skin Too Few

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