All Of This Happened While You Were Sleeping


1. It’s hard not to think that even the guys of The Teenagers can’t take themselves seriously as they perform half smirking, probably thinking ‘Holy shit! How did this even happen?’ Last night at Making Time the trio of French Teenagers were accompanied by two young British ladies under the names of Antonia and Rebecca. Antonia played drums while Rebecca played backing guitar.

2. About halfway through their set they began to experience some technical difficulties. The bass drum pedal on Antonia’s drum set decided to stop working, conveniently at the start of their next song. Quentin, Teenager’s frontman, disappeared off stage while the crowd stood in anxious anticipation. During this lapse you could feel the tension in the air as the crowd was trying to decide whether to remain patient or to go get another drink and say ‘Fuck the teenagers’ Quentin, just as quickly as he left, returned with a pedal that he borrowed from the opening band that performed downstairs, Dark Horse and the Carousels. Thanks to his quick thinking there wasn’t a rush to the bar or a riot in the middle of the dancefloor.

3. When I walked into the place I was surprised to see people smoking cigarettes inside, but I guess Pure is one of those few bars in Philadelphia that gets an exception. Quentin commented on how he hasn’t been to place with smoking inside for a long time. He commented saying “I quit, but I am happy for all of you.”

Before they played their hit single “Homecoming” they invited any ladies onto the stage. Unfortunately, those ladies were followed by an entourage of uninvited guys, and the stage quickly became filled with anyone looking for their couple minutes of Philadelphia nightlife fame. Even more unfortunate, Quentin handed the girls microphones, because the point of them coming on stage was to help sing along to their popular single. No one seemed to know the words, instead just dancing with expressions of disbelief that they were on stage. By the time their shock wore off the song had ended and all had already been ruined.

5. I really felt for the guys when every person that’s ever taken an elementary course in French began screaming French phrases at the fellas. Obnoxious, no? Especially when outside the venue I witnessed a drunken girl demanding Quentin give her his phone number en Francais. I think I heard her say “Demande de Nombre!”


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