MAILBAG: Obama, Can You Hear Me Now?


Earlier today the call went out in the blogosphere to urge John Edwards to call for Hillary and Obama to return to Washington to do their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and join Chris Todd in his quest to deny immunity to telecoms caught illegally spying on Americans. And he just did. Kinda.

Dear jonathan,
When it comes to protecting the rule of law, words are not enough. We need action. It’s wrong for your government to spy on you. That’s why I’m asking you to join me today in calling on Senate Democrats to filibuster revisions to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that would give “retroactive immunity” to the giant telecom companies for their role insurveillancestate.jpg aiding George W. Bush’s illegal eavesdropping on American citizens. The Senate is debating this issue right now — which is why we must act right now. You can call your Senators here:

Robert P. Jr. Casey, (D): (202) 224-632

Arlen Specter, (R): (202) 224-4254

Granting retroactive immunity is wrong. It will let corporate law-breakers off the hook. It will hamstring efforts to learn the truth about Bush’s illegal spying program. And it will flip on its head a core principle that has guided our nation since our founding: the belief that no one, no matter how well connected or what office they hold, is above the law.

But in Washington today, the telecom lobbyists have launched a full-court press for retroactive immunity. George Bush and Dick Cheney are doing everything in their power to ensure it passes. And too many Senate Democrats are ready to give the lobbyists and the Bush administration exactly what they want. Please join me in calling on every Senate Democrat to do everything in their power — including joining Senator Dodd’s efforts to filibuster this legislation — to stop retroactive immunity and stand up for the rule of law. The Constitution should not be for sale at any price.

Thank you for taking action.

John Edwards
January 24, 2008

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UPDATE: WASHINGTON — A White House plan to broaden the National Security Agency’s wiretapping powers won a key procedural victory in the Senate on Thursday, as backers defeated a more restrictive plan by Senate Democrats that would have imposed more court oversight on government spying. The vote moves the Bush administration a step closer toward the twin goals it has pursued for months: strengthening the N.S.A.’s ability to eavesdrop without court approval, while securing legal immunity for the phone companies that have helped the agency in its wiretapping operations.

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