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Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid, a regular Fresh Air analyst, joins Terry Gross for an update on Pakistani politics after the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto.

Rashid covers Pakistani politics and culture for various Western publications. An expert on the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the country, he’s the author of the best sellers Taliban: Islam, Oil and the New Great Game in Central Asia and Jihad: The Rise of Militant Islam in Central Asia.


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Hour 1
(Rebroadcast tonight at 11)
We compare the health care plans of the Presidential candidates. Our guest is KAREN DAVIS, President of the Commonwealth Fund. Her organization released a report detailing how our healthcare system could change depending on who is elected President. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3
Hour 2
Is the City of Philadelphia’s Deferred Retirement Option Program being misused? DROP was originally intended to help the City to retain its most experienced workers, but in the past year elected officials have begun signing up. We’ll talk with ZACK STALBERG the President and CEO of The Committee of Seventy which called for the audit of the program which is now underway, BILL GREEN a Philadelphia City Councilman who plans to introduce a bill banning future elected officials from DROP, and BOB EDDIS the Past President of the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police about why the program is still needed. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3


listen.jpg Leslie Feist has long attracted serious buzz: For the last several years, she’s appeared on the verge of jumping from underground success to mainstream stardom. In recent weeks, she’s started to fulfill that promise, with her song “1234” surfacing in ubiquitous commercials and daviddyenpr.jpgher face appearing on top late-night talk shows. The tremendous response would have been hard to predict a few years ago — with roots in punk bands, Feist was known primarily as a participant in the Canadian indie-rock collective Broken Social Scene — but she possesses a naturally smoky voice that makes her instantly accessible. A remarkably gifted torch singer, Feist has the power and skill to connect with a diverse audience. Her seductive, infectious breakthrough album The Reminder came out earlier this year, building on the success of her 2005 debut (Let It Die), as well as a relentless tour schedule. The result is a shoo-in for “Best of 2007” lists, as well as a springboard for even bigger success down the road.

FEIST: I Feel It All

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