KILLADELPHIA: Meet The New Sheriff

INQUIRER: Most of the initial changes in the department’s operations last week were largely cosmetic: Mayor Nutter declared a symbolic “crime emergency” after he was sworn in Monday, and the commissionerwiggum.jpg vowed to increase the department’s visibility by wearing a uniform and driving a marked squad car himself.

But behind the scenes, the former Washington police chief is sending signals that big changes are in store.The coming weeks are likely to include many long workdays for Ramsey’s command staff: In addition to the morning meetings, the commissioner has scheduled six nightly meetings across the city to gather public comment before he completes his crime-fighting plan, which he promised to deliver to Nutter on Jan. 30. The first meeting is scheduled for 7 tonight at South Philadelphia High School.

“If this is going to be a plan that’s comprehensive, you certainly can’t leave your customers out,” he said. MORE

METRO: He Likes Being In Uniform, Likes Driving A Marked Car, Likes Answering Calls, Hates Vacations And Repeat Offenders

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