NEWS CLUES: It’s Like Adderall For Your Eyeballs

IT’S OFFICIAL: The State Of New Jersey Is Sorry About Slavery

slavery2.jpgNew Jersey last night joined a list of states that have apologized for slavery, after lawmakers overwhelming passed a resolution expressing the state’s regret. The resolution merely offers the Legislature’s opinion and would not require the governor’s signature. It would be recorded in the state annals of declarations. The resolution’s sponsor, Assemblyman William D. Payne (D., Newark), noted that New Jersey had 12,000 slaves and was the last Northern state to free them. Last night, New Jersey became the latest state to apologize.”This is an apology for their descendants . . . and all mankind,” he said. [via the INQUIRER]


GAMBLOR: Nutter Orders Review Of Last-Minute Casino Permit Issued By Street

bugs-gambler-1_thumb.jpgTo build a $550 million casino, first you have to clear some brush and cut down some trees. To do that, it helps to have a mayor willing to make things happen, even if it happens to be the mayor’s last day on the job. Mayor Street’s administration issued a permit Friday — the mayor’s last weekday in office — to let the planned SugarHouse casino in Fishtown use heavy machinery to level and grade its site. Mayor Nutter, during his first day on the job yesterday, asked his new commissioner of Licenses & Inspections, John Elfrey, to make sure the permit was properly issued and consistent with his “commitment to transparency and openness in government,” spokesman Doug Oliver said. Leigh Whitaker, a SugarHouse spokeswoman, said workers yesterday started clearing brush and trees at the riverfront site on Delaware Avenue at Shackamaxon Street to prepare for grading to start later this week. [via DAILY NEWS]


Big-Money Clinton Backers Plotting The ‘Swiftboating’ Of Obama?

obama79.jpgManchester, N.H. — At the same time, some top independent expenditure groups supporting Clinton have been exploring the creation of an anti-Obama “527 committee” that would take unlimited contributions from a few of Clinton’s super-rich backers and from a handful of unions to finance television ads and direct mail designed to tarnish the Illinois Senator’s image. The Clinton campaign has raised over $100 million, but has “only” $15 to $20 million left. It faces donor reluctance to give more in the face of the Iowa defeat and the prospect of a second loss in New Hampshire today. Even worse, the campaign fears defections among those fundraisers who want to be with a winner and who might be easily persuaded to support Barack Obama. [via HUFFINGTON POST]

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