WHOOPSIE: DN Runs Pro-Pitbull Cover The Day After Woman Was Mauled To Death By…Wait For It…Pitbulls

pitbulllady.JPGASSOCIATED PRESS: BARSTOW, Calif. (AP) — A pack of pit bulls surrounded a woman [NOT pictured] and mauled her to death, authorities said Wednesday. Police found Kelly Caldwell, 45, lying in the street around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, and took her to a hospital, where she later died, the San Bernardino County sheriff’s department said. After the mauling, the dogs ran to a nearby house. Deputies shot one dog to death when it returned to the scene and acted aggressively as paramedics were trying to save Caldwell’s life, authorities said.A second dog was shot to death Wednesday morning when it, too, returned. Deputies said it became aggressive as an animal control officer tried to capture it. MORE

DAILY NEWS: The thought of city officials’ banning dogs like Baxter, Howie and Carla Lou drove Geurin [pictured] to invest hundreds of her own dollars to create her calendars.”They’re not the monsters that they’re made out to be,” Geurin said. Even pit bulls made vicious by dogfighting should not be demonized, because their trainers and owners are responsible for their violent behavior, Geurin added. “I want to be a voice for the voiceless and say that dogs are the victims here.” MORE

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