DISINHERITED: Paris Hilton Is Broke

parisuseless.jpgFORTUNE: NEW YORK — The Hilton family patriarch, Barron Hilton, will pass on the $1.2 billion windfall from the sale of Hilton Hotels Corporation — not to his famous progeny, but to his family’s philanthropic foundation, Fortune has learned. Barron Hilton’s donation will effectively double the size of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, named after Barron’s father, the man who built Hilton Hotels from scratch and great-grandfather of celebutantes Paris and Nicky Hilton. In a statement e-mailed to Fortune, Barron Hilton wrote: “My personal net worth today, including created trusts, is approximately $2.3 billion, and what ever value it is upon my passing, it is my intent to contribute 97% of my estate to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, following in my father’s footsteps.” MORE

NEW YORK POST: There was no immediate comment from Paris. But family expert Jerry Oppenheimer, author of “House of Hilton,” has told The Post that Paris has been an “embarrassment” for the bluebloods, sullying the family name with her vacuous antics. MORE

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