5 Things U Should Know About Brown Recluse Sings

SUNSHINE SUPERMAN: Brown Recluse Sings (pictured above), The Neighborhood Choir, Surefire Broadcast, & Hermit Thrushes play Friday at Johnny Brenda’s.

1. Brown Recluse Sings is quite possibly the second or third worst band name EVER.

2. They are also the greatest band we have ever heard. This week. What do they sound like, you ask? Krautrock-ish. Or “pretty, drawn-out, simple” as the band says.

3. Hard to say if they are a band first and a DJ collective second or vice versa. Patrick Todd is the drummer. He is 1/3 of the SuperTodd Brothers, along with Ryan and Jesse Todd. The SuperTodd Brothers pack ’em in whenever they spin at venues like Sal’s, Medusa Lounge, The Barbary, and the Khyber. Herbie Shellenberger is also a member of Brown Recluse Sings, and Herbie has been spinning with the Todd Brothers posse under the name Htshell.

4. The band was supposed to release an EP “The Soft Skin” with Tequila Sunrise Records last month, but due to various circumstances it’s been delayed. PRO-TIP: When you sign with a label calling itself Tequila Sunrise Records there are bound to be ‘delays’. Seriously, it’s kinda like signing with the I Like Crack record label.

5. “We love Brazilian psych, Tropicalia. We’re really into Brazil. Yeah, Brazilian music…” Sold.


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