HOT DOC: Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon


Dear jonathan,

Last weekend, I was proud to travel through Iowa with John Edwards during his “Main Street Express” bus tour as he met with caucus goers and discussed his specific ideas for providing universal health care, ending the war in Iraq, stopping global warming, and taking back our government from the powerful corporations and special interests who run it.

Now, I am happy to help him kick off his final push before the caucuses. Today, John’s campaign is launching a great new video you really should check out. It’s a movie trailer, actually — a preview of all that will be possible when John is our next president:

With only 16 days left until the caucuses, it’s critical that we all step up and help John Edwards right away. This is a crucial time in American history — and we need real change. In the past, I’ve felt that I haven’t always stepped out as soon or as actively as I should have. But now, after getting to know John, and getting to hear his strong dream and strong plan for our country, I’ve decided to join him and do everything I can to help.

Have happy and healthy holidays,

–Kevin Bacon
December 18, 2007

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