WHY LAWYERS MAKE THE BIG BUCKS: Attorney Says Student Had ‘Consentual’ Sex With 7 NJ Troopers

njtrooper.jpgThe lawyer representing one of seven New Jersey state troopers accused of sexually assaulting a 25-year-old college student said the student was not raped in a Ewing Township home last week. Attorney Charles Sciarra said he was confident that not only his client, but all the other troopers involved would be exonerated. “In no uncertain terms, the allegation that there was some nonconsentual activity is absolutely denied,” Sciarra said. “These are consenting adults engaging in consentual activities, and anything to the contrary at this point is just not going to bear out. These guys are mortified that these allegations were made, that anyone would suggest there was any kind of assault.” [via KYW]

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