DUBIOUS ACHIEVEMENT: Local Dudes Go To Boston, Drink Beer & Run Around In Speedos and Santa Hats

So we were reading the Boston Globe’s endorsement of Obama — swear to God! — and then we got distracted by thephillyboys.jpg Santa Speedo Parade because it looks coed in the teaser and, hey, we’re only human. Turns out it’s pretty much a sausage party, with Coors light. And it only served to confirm our old grad school thesis: When one man wears a Speedo, all men are made ashamed. So we were just about to turn away when we found this:

Twelve Philly Boys made the journey from Pennsylvania for the run. All together, the group raised $3,300 for the charity. This is the third year the guys are running. They said they missed last year, but began running the previous two years.

Frankly, we are unsure what exactly is happening in this photo, but apparently it’s for a good cause, so…when in Boston, right?

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