DUBIOUS ACHIEVMENT: Cops Open Fire On SUV In Old City For Driving Erratically After Last Call

The headline pretty much says it all, although it raises more questions than it answers. First question is why is aguncrazycop.gif SEPTA officer engaging in a car chase so far from the nearest subway? Second question is why are cops jumping in front of speeding SUVs? I mean, setting aside an apparent deficiency in basic police training, that just flies in the face of the laws of physics — which very clearly states that in the instance of Man Vs. Speeding SUV, man ALWAYS loses. Lastly, why are cops opening fire on a crowded city street, just as the bars letting out? How is that de-escalating the situation? Why not just call in the license plate and have these clowns picked up on the Walt Whitman or the Ben Franklin instead? I mean, it should be fairly obvious to anyone involved that these guys were heading back to Jersey at some point. They always do. From KYW:

A Philadelphia police officer has been treated for injuries after he was hit by an SUV in Old City early Sunday morning. It happened as nightclubs were letting out around 2am. A SEPTA officer was pursuing the SUV, which police say was being driven recklessly in the area of 2nd and Chestnut Streets.

A 6th district cop joined the chase and was hit by the vehicle. He and the SEPTA officer then shot at the SUV, shattering the back window. The vehicle fled the scene. The policeman’s shoulder was injured. He was treated at Jefferson University Hospital and released.

Three men inside the SUV suffered gunshot wounds and sought treatment at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. That’s where police caught up with them and took them into custody. An investigation continues. MORE

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