HECKUVA JOB, COOKIE: The Brother Of The Guy Whose Job It Is To Investigate Blackwater Sits On The Board Of Advisors For…wait for it…Blackwater!


Earlier today CROOKS & LIARS posted video from a House hearing dealing with allegations that State Department Inspector General Howard “Cookie” Krongard impeded investigations into corruption in Iraq. During the hearing, Krongard repeatedly denied rumors that his brother, Buzzy Krongard was on Blackwater’s advisory board — but on tonight’s Countdown we learned that lo and behold, after returning from a break inmonkeys.jpg testimony, Krongard informed the Committee that he had just spoken with his brother and that he did, in fact, sit on Blackwater’s board and that he was recusing himself from any further matters dealing with the mercenary contractor. He may want to consider lawyering up.

Cookie said under oath that he had spoken to his brother six weeks prior to the hearing and claims his brother failed to tell him he was going to join Blackwater’s advisory board, but according to an interview given to TPM, Buzzy claims he DID tell Cookie he was going to join Blackwater’s board two or three weeks before the hearing, which would put his brother’s claims in question. Who should be believe, Cookie or Buzzy? [via CROOKS & LIARS]

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