MAILBAG: How Interns Get Hired


You’ve created quite a ruckus here at Temple. Although I don’t necessarily agree with your idea of the usefulness of Journalism, I appreciate what you said (that is, after I really thought about it). It’s revolutionary and spirited in a way that many journalists were supposed to be since day one and no longer are. Journalists and media lovers alike are supposed to have the anti-establishment burned into them at day one, but it seems that newspapers are just as bad as the government is now.

We had talked briefly (after your presentation at Temple) about indie rock and doing reviews and such for Phawker and you gave me your card. Sorry for the delay in my email, the end of the semester is approaching and it’s been really crazy here. I’m really interested in blogging and perhaps contributing to the destruction of the traditional media empire. If you’re still looking for interns I would be more than happy to keep in contact with you and send clippings (the very few relevant ones that I have–I’ve recently shifted in my interests from politics) if that’s possible.

I really appreciate what Phawker does and its ideas…although I still don’t think I’ll be changing my major or leaving my paper in the morning.


Colleen Reese

[Colleen Reese! C’mon on down! You just won yourself a no-expense paid internship with Phawker!–The Editor]

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