THE NEXT MAYOR: A Prayer For The City

Late last night we got word that Mayor-elect Nutter had a special message for Phawker readers. But in order to get this message, we would have to show up with a film crew at 6 AM today outside the Government Services Building, across the street from City Hall. Which we did. Seems he wanted to talk about his top priorities in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, we seemed to have used an old tape…because it gets a little ‘funny’ about midway through.

UPDATE: We have since determined that there was nothing wrong with our camera equipment and that the only reasonable explanation for the ‘funny-ness’ is that the Mayor-elect chomped down two, possibly three buttons of peyote shortly before our interview this morning. If true, this is the kind of bold, visionary leadership we have been praying for. Truly, a ‘new day’ has dawned in Philadelphia.

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