GAMBLOR: Street & Rendell Have Secret Pow-Wow With Sugarhouse, Curiously Nutter Not Invited

Mayor Street and Gov. Rendell met three weeks ago with the owners of SugarHouse, a proposed casino that can’t start construction because zoning approval is stalled in City Council.gambler2.jpg SugarHouse laid out a strategy to get its project moving. Missing from the meeting: the city’s next mayor.

That concerns Michael Nutter, the former city councilman widely expected to be elected mayor today. Street and Rendell, a former two-term mayor, should hold off on decisions about city casinos until the next mayor takes office in January, Nutter said.

“I would certainly hope that they would extend the same courtesy and respect that either one of them would have wanted upon their coming into office,” Nutter said. “There should not be any long-term impactful decisions being made at this point by Mayor Street for which he will not have to deal with the consequences. It’s only two months. What’s the big rush at this point?” Street and Rendell have a quick answer for that: Money. MORE

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