CONFETTI BETTY: Getting Into Hillary’s Pants

BY AMY Z. QUINN I have this Hillary Clinton fantasy. It’s something I’ve been, until now, reticent to share. Go figure. No, it’s not just about her being elected president, especially since that seems less and less a fantasy as Obama continues to plateau while Hillary’s air of inevitability continues to gain altitude, but about herhillaryadvocate.jpg inauguration.

OK, OK, it’s really about the outfit she’d be wearing at her inauguration. My daydream ensemble looks nothing like that ill-advised number she sported at Bill’s first swearing-in — you remember, the one that made her look like Tinky-Winky? And my fantasy President H.R. Clinton I-do-solemnly-swear-outfit looks even less like the priestly pantsuits she put on when she ran for the Senate.

No, in my dream, Hillary stands on the steps of the Capitol to take the oath decked out not only in a skirted suit, but one with matching hat, gloves and bag. Opaque hose, a bit of a heel. Something chic yet understated, feminine but not girlish, not a lot of embellishment on the hat but maybe on the gloves — some fancy top-stitching, maybe some embroidery? Well, a girl can dream. MORE

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