NEWS CLUES: It’s Like Adderall For Your Eyeballs

LARRY CRAIG’S BACKDOOR: Wonkette Friend Recalls Sneakin’ In With The Senator

davidphillipscriooed.jpgIt was late in the Spring of 1987, and Phillips was a graduate student at George Mason University. “One of my favorite hangouts was The Follies,” Phillips explains, referring to the notorious and now-closed go-go boy bar La Cage aux Follies on Capitol Hill. “There were so many closeted neocons who trolled for cock and ass there, particularly cock and ass on younger men: Terry Dolan, Jon Hinson, and a bunch of other men who seemed to run in a close and secretive group. I had sex with some of them at The Follies, and I even went home with a couple of them — at different times, at least — based on smooth talk and their attraction to a 20-something geek. One of them I would later recognize as Larry Craig.” [via WONKETTE]


TOWNHOUSE OF HORRORS: Center City Victim Describes Throat-Stabbing

babewithknife.jpgThe victim says the defendant, Duane Jackson, 45, grabbed her leg and she screamed. He told her to shut up. And then, she says, he tried to shut her up permanently. He stabbed her in the throat with a knife but she fought back as he tried to stab her in the throat again and again. She suffered another wound in the shoulder and three defensive wounds in the hand and arm before her assailant finally fled. Prosecutor Richard DeSipio: “It was extremely horrifying. I can’t believe how brave she was, how strong she was in her description of what happened to her, how horrible what happened to her was. You heard the victim testify her home looked like ‘The Shining,’ there was so much blood.” [via KYW]


FLORIDA STATE POLICE: ‘Don’t Tase Me!’ Bro Had It Coming, ACLU Disagrees

taserstudent.pngAndrew Meyer, the University of Florida student who was Tasered by campus police in September, may have staged the disturbance in an effort to disrupt a political forum at the Gainesville campus, a state police report concludes. Meyer, of Weston, was subdued with a Taser after he resisted arrest during a speech by 2004 Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Sen. John Kerry on Sept. 17. Meyer, whose cry of ”Don’t Tase me bro’!’‘ made him a cause célèbre on the Internet, declined to comment Wednesday. Howard Simon, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, who read the FDLE report and saw the footage on, said Meyer’s arrest and Tasering were a sad statement on how heated political discourse is being discouraged on college campuses. Simon also dismissed the findings of the FDLE report. ”When you have one Florida law enforcement agency investigating another Florida law enforcement agency, the conclusions are predictable,” Simon said. [via MIAMI HERALD]


DISAPPOINTING: Ghandi Busted For Groping Driving Students In Horsham

ghandi.jpgAmit Gandhi (NOT pictured) is free on bail after being charged with indecent assault and related offenses, but police say the charges against the 45-year-old man may continue to mount. Horsham detective John Austin says Gandhi was arrested after they investigated a report from a 16-year-old girl: “…that she was a student at the Gandhi Driving School and that the owner of the Gandhi Driving School during a driving lesson touched her inappropriately and displayed pornography to her.” Two other women have now come forward to say they were also assaulted by Gandhi. Austin says one incident goes back ten years in Bensalem, before Gandhi opened his school in Warminster. Austin says the other case is out of Towamencin, from last month. [via KYW]

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