NEWS CLUES: It’s Like Adderall For Your Eyeballs

Handwashing Incident Mars Grand Opening Of Comcast Doyenne’s Private Theater

handwashing.jpg“You’re the third person who said they built this place,” said Nathan Lane to developer Carl Dranoff Monday night at the opening of the Suzanne Roberts Theatre in the Symphony House (Broad & Pine), which Dranoff Properties did build. Lane was among actors performing “An Evening with Terrence McNally and Friends,” which included a stunning Edie Falco; Richard Thomas, Lucie Arnaz and Doris Roberts, and more actors performing scenes from McNally plays with accompaniment from theatrical musician and “Rosie” show bandleader John McDaniel. A humble McNally addressed the patrons who sponsored the ultra-modern, great-sounding, 365-seat theater. He got down on hands and knees and kissed the stage, saying that he does this in private at theaters where his plays open but that he felt “like I’m among friends.” The Philadelphia Theatre Company opened several of his plays at Plays and Players Theater (1714 Delancey), but McNally says PTC deserved a new home, which it now has in the SRT. The folks eager to shake hands with legendary playwright Edward Albee, who delivered remarks about his old friend McNally, after the performance may not have known that Albee skipped the sink after paying a visit to the urinal, as we witnessed firsthand. [via DAILY NEWS]


O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU: Obama Pinned Down Between Iraq And A Gay Place

obamacartoon2.jpgHow hard will Obama fight as president for tolerance, specifically against anti gay bigotry? This is the supreme litmus test for any candidate that purports to champion diversity and tolerance. It’s even more of a test, or challenge for Obama, given the depth of homophobia among many mega black ministers, and many of those in their congregations. Obama desperately wants and need their votes in his fight with Hillary Clinton, who continues to widen the gap over him in the political life and death struggle to win over black voters. The hard core black evangelical ministers loom bigger and bigger in the battle to slice away at Clinton’s black support. That’s even more crucial in South Carolina. An Obama win in the state would propel him skyward in his march toward the presidential nomination. Black voters make up more than forty percent of the Democratic vote in the state, and a significant percentage of them are evangelical leaning, and openly hostile to gay rights. Many are strict Bible constructionists and take literally passages that condemn homosexuality as a sin against the almighty. In 2004, Bush adroitly tapped into that sentiment. It paid huge political dividends for him with an aroused throng of conservative black Christian church goers particularly in the Bible Belt of Northern Florida. They were not inherently hostile to Bush. They were incensed at gay marriage. [via HUFFINGTON POST]



carsthatrunonblood.jpgNissan and Renault hope to start selling a car for about 2,500 dollars in India in around 2010 along with their local partner there, chief executive Carlos Ghosn said Wednesday.”We have already practically decided all the attributes of the car,” Ghosn told reporters at the Tokyo Motor Show. “We have the full intention to do it — if it’s feasible. Hopefully this is going to be 2010 in India,” he said. Ghosn, who heads both Japan’s Nissan Motor Co. and its French partner Renault, said he would visit Indian partner Bajaj Auto next week for talks on the car. He said that it appeared possible to make a 2,500-dollar car for India, but the big question was whether it could be exported to other markets such as Europe, China, Brazil, Mexico or even the United States. “But the first step is to make it for India and to make it competitive,” he added. The car will be mostly produced by Indian partner Bajaj with the support of the Nissan-Renault alliance, Ghosn added. The world’s automakers are increasingly setting their sights on India, which is one of the world’s fastest growing automobile markets. Nissan and Renault hope to start selling a car for about 2,500 dollars in India in around 2010 along with their local partner there, chief executive Carlos Ghosn said Wednesday. [via BREITBART.COM]

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