INSTA-REVIEW: Ween La Cucaracha



Fiesta: aka Herb Albert & His Tijuana Grass Play Cheez Whiz and Other Delights

Blue Balloon: Take the Cyrkle’s “Red Rubber Ball” fill with nitrous oxide, huff liberally.

Friends: Sounds like the theme song for some really grating ’80s sitcom where the entire cast wears too much mousse in their hair and many wind up with felony records after cancellation.*

Object: Possibly their prettiest song and cruelest lyric.

Learnin’ To Love: Corn pone singalong wherein, for reasons of which I remain blissfully unaware, the Solid Gold dancers show up in the middle eight and get cow shit on their silver platform boots, and then things really get stupid.

With My Own Bare Hands:
Hammer-headed redneck rock. “She’s gonna get a Masters Degree in fucking me” pretty much sums up the lyrics. Anyone out there remember Nashville Pussy? Anyone?

Fruit Man:
Reggae mon satire in dub housing, like wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Spirit Walker: Remember that scene in Anchor Man where they are riding unicorns and she says, ‘Do me on the rainbow’? That was the best…

Sweetheart: We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun. But the stars that we reached were just starfish on the beach.

Lullaby: Gorgeous, weepy baroque-pop pastiche and kid-safe, doncha know.

Woman And Man: The Battle of Nevermore told in the ancient Santana-esque prog epic form. Nice codpiece, man!*

Your Party: An audio thank-you note for a lovely time. You can almost hear the rolled-up blazer sleeves in David Sanborn’s sax solo. [As heard by JONATHAN VALANIA]

*Not available on Phawker Radio

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