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Pulitzer Prize-winning business columnist Gretchen Morgenson talks about the subprime mortgage crisis and its effects on the markets and on the economy. Morgenson, an assistant business and financial editor torturebrazil_babyface.jpgfor The New York Times, has covered the financial markets for The Times since 1998. ALSO, this year the Human Rights First Award for Excellence in Television will be given to a show that “depicts torture and interrogation in a nuanced, realistic fashion.” According to interviews with military leaders, portrayal of torture on television shows has changed interrogation techniques in the field. TV producer Adam Fierro (The Shield), intelligence expert Col. Stuart Herrington and human rights advocate David Danzig discuss TV violence. Shows nominated for the award include Lost, Criminal Minds, The Closer and The Shield.


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Hour 1
Can we rely on ethanol as our future energy source? Marty discusses the pros and cons with TOM SLUNECKA, Executive Director of the Ethanol Promotion & Information Council, a non-profit alliance of ethanol industry leaders and ROBERT BRYCE, an energy journalist and the managing editor for the Energy Tribune.

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Hour 2
Have steroids taken over Olympic and professional sports? It seems like every month we hear of another major athlete suspected of doing steroids. This month, Five-time Olympic medallist Marion Jones admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs for the Olympics. To understand how we got to this point and where we go from here, we’ll talk with JOHN HOBERMAN author of Testosterone Dreams is the current chair of the Germanic Studies Department at the University of Texas in Austin.

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