HOLLA: Jay-Z Finds 100th Problem & Bitch Ain’t It


BY JAMES DOOLITTLE If only the fine folks over at Jump the Shark weren’t so television-centric, they’d assuredly recognize that these last few weeks marked a bevy of downtrending “career defining moments” in the lives of hip-hop royalty…and Lansdale’s own Dwight Grant, whose run-ins with Johnny Law are more on point than anything birthed from his creative loins, if only sitcomish by design.Then again, considering how formulaic and rote hip-hop careers have become, why the hell aren’t they TV shows?
JIGGA WHAT? (Tuesday, 9PM – FOX): Beyonce questions Jay‘s manhood after Rocawear loses naming rights to the clothing line owned by their new neighbor (guest star Fred Thompson).
KNOCK KNOCK DOC (Friday, 8:30PM – CW): Dre holds the release of “Detox” hostage in an attempt to get access to Chinese Democracy samples.
MAGOO, P.I. (Tuesday, 10PM – CBS): Higgins Jr. spots Timbaland on a daytime soap, but is embarrassed to offer up the info to aid in Magoo’s quest.

THE WIRE (Sunday, 10PM – HBO): McNulty tracks Omar to a West Philadelphia drum circle. Avon questions whether Beanie Siegel can settle his score after learning the rapper’s hot new ride is actually a stolen rental. And if there were commercial breaks, you’d now know that the Homorevolution touches down in Minneapolis tonight, mere miles away from Senator Craig’s favorite toilet.


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