INSTA-REVIEW: 5 Things You Should Know About Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band At The Wachovia Center Last Night

brucespringsteenmagic.jpg1. I’m not going to say that the Boss and his legions are getting old, but tonight’s audience could have been the world’s largest focus group for Boniva and his and hers Cialis. Bada-BING!

2. You can tell it’s early in the tour, as the set list is still in flux and the sound mix had a few creaky moments. And in case you were wondering, Bruce is the only man alive who can still get away with the Rock Vest. It’s forever amazing that there’s one guy in the house who can get an even bigger crowd response than Bruce — that’s The Big Man, of course. I read a rumor somewhere that this was to be Clarence Clemmons’ last tour, and he’s certainly playing those long notes like they’re meant for posterity.

3. Patti’s been hitting the Botox, but Soozie Tyrell has never looked — or sounded — better. Her work on the closer, “American Land,” was smokin’. (Hat tip, MYK.)

4. For those of you who take note of such things, the set list differed from Hartford: included “No Surrender” in place of “Ties That Bind,” and — interestingly — a stunning, surprising version of “Brilliant Disguise” with Patti instead of the song from her album, although he did mention it.

5. Every time I think the old Church of Bruce cliche is, well, a cliche, the lights come on and they start “Born to Run” and you realize that this is what church is supposed to feel like — joyous and a little unhinged, like you just got let out of a cage. –AMY Z. QUINN

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