WORTH REPEATING: No Moss On Rolling Stone

In the new Hot Issue — not to be confused with last week’s Best Of Hot Issue or the 100 Hottest Hot Issues issue before that — Rolling Stone declares us smoked habanero HOT, as in they would ‘do’ us, best we can tell. Also they talk to the The Teeth and find out Spank Rock lives in a…wait for it…warehouse. Man! Is that a roll of Certs in Jann Wenner’s pocket or is he just really, really glad to see us?

rollingstonehot.jpgHOT SCENE: Just try to live like this in New York: Peter McDavis, bassist for rising Philadelphia indie band the Teeth, spends just $250 a month on rent — and supports himself off-tour by painting houses and slinging pizzas. Meanwhile, rapper Spank Rock pays almost nothing to live in a former warehouse he shares with a hardcore label, two roommates and an indoor skate ramp. Welcome to the diverse, thriving Philly music scene, where everyone knows each other (the Teeth worked with West Philly underground hip-hp producer RJD2), sounds cross-pollinate and commercialism hasn’t intruded on a grassroots DIY ethic: “This town created everything good it has all on its own,” says rapper Amanda Blank. And in the absence of a grunge-style signature sound, the scene is united by its eclecticism and disregard of outside trends. “In Philly, people just do what they want,” says McDavis. “All the bands are kind of wacky.”

Kid Rock on the cover? Slow news week, huh?
[Hat tip to WOOKIFIED, they read this crap so we don’t have to]

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