You Might Feel Some Pressure: City’s Official Boob-Crusher FOUND! ‘Girls’ Breathe Sigh Of Relief

Caught this earlier today on Heard In The Hall:

The “out of control” Philadelphia Health Department lost a $67,000 mammogram machine, does not keep track of its prescription drug deliveries, and fails to remove expired drugs from its prescription stocks, City Controller Alan Butkovitz said Tuesday morning in releasing an audit of the beleaguered agency. Read the report here.

fbi.JPGBut fret not, uninsured Philly women at risk of breast cancer! Your crack civil servants (the breast and brightest?) are on the case and the machine has been found! Jeff Shields updates:

In order to avoid widespread panic, we inform you that the $67,000 Sophie Classic mammogram machine is NOT missing from the city Health Department.

Acting Health Commissioner John F. Domzalski, appointed on Friday after a department shakeup, said that the machine, reported missing this morning by Controller Alan Butkovitz, is accounted for and operating at Health Center #4.

Domzalski did say that the Controller’s other findings appear to be true.

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