We Know It’s Only Rock N’ Roll But We Like It


ALL THE YOUNG DUDES: Girl Talk + Friends, Starlight Ballroom, September 17

EVA SAYS: Monday night at the Starlight Ballroom was all about heavy-petting and robot dancing. And I do mean heavy, baby. DJ Gregg Gillis, AKA Girl Talk, brought together a sold out crowd of hyper, manic, oddly-dressed, or even not-dressed-at-all hipsters who bum-rushed the stage within seconds of Gillis firing up the Mac Pro that makes it all possible. It didn’t matter that Girl Talk’s hooded figure or scruffy face couldn’t be seen even from the lip of the stage — chances are he enjoyed the rubbing and commingling of underage girls surrounding him while he triggered and tweaked his fuck-copyright/I-do-what-I-want dance mash-ups. But minus any real turntablism, or for that matter, any real sort of live musicianship, the real show was the kids — sweaty, skinny and seemingly becoming more naked by the minute. It was clear from the beginning that people were ready to get down, even if Gillis wasn’t. So even though live, his music didn’t quite live up to the uber-catchiness of his last album, Night Ripper, Philadelphia helped move his ass right along. You’re welcome, Girl Talk. GRADE: B

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