SPORTO: Is It Too Late To Bring Back Roman Gabriel?

sportsguycropped.jpgBY MIKE WOLVERTON SPORTS GUY Thoughts of an NFL junkie after two weeks: All the power is in the AFC. If Green Bay, Detroit, San Francisco and Washington, along with the Cowboys, are the 2-0 teams in the NFC, the conference is in even sorrier shape than last year. Among these, only Dallas would be a favorite over, say, the Titans, an afterthought in the AFC. The Bears, last year’s Super Bowl rep, are headed for a fall. Their best player, Devin Hester, is a kick returner and he only sees the field a handful of times per game. The NFC in 2007 will be an entertaining diversion to see who gets whacked in the Super Bowl.

The AFC looked like a three-headed monster (Pats-Colts-Bolts) until New England carved up San Diego Sunday night. Marty Schottenheimer sucked but so does Norv Turner. The Chargers better hope their offense has been so inept because they’ve faced two tough defenses in the Patriots and Bears. That leaves the last two Super Bowls Champs, the Colts and Steelers, in the picture to stop the ultra-annoying Patriots. Both have looked good in going 2-0. Somebody’s got to keep that smug cheater Bill Belichick from winning again.

[A note on the Patriots videotaping scandal from last week: New England has won three Super Bowls, but theĀ Eagles were the only team I heard whining about possibly being cheated in the Bowl. Typical Philadelphia paranoia/persecution complex. We wuz robbed!]

Monday night’s snoozer at The Linc showed us a few things:

–Donovan is certainly not 100%

–Whoever made this the Monday Night game is a fool

–Charles Barkley’s appearance in the booth was more entertaining than the game

–Don’t “ice” the kicker in the first half. Icing the kicker doesn’t even work

–Reno Mahe can catch a punt. Too bad he wasn’t around last week

–The Eagles still, as always, have a wide receiver problem

–It could be a long season


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mike Wolverton spent two seasons as the play-by-play broadcaster for the Atlantic City Surf and has also had stints as an official scorer, public address announcer and two years as a hockey broadcaster. This year he is play-by-play announcer and official scorer of his newborn son. In between, he will be writing about sports for Phawker.

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